Marcin Banaszek - Chess Compositions 1966-1989
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105  Banaszek, Marcin
1969  Szachy
3. Hon. Mention
1.f6 (1.Kf4? T:g7! 2.hg7 K:g7 3.B:b7 a4! 4.Kg5 a3
5.f6 Kf8 6.Bd5 c6 7.Ba2 d5 8.Kf5 Kf7 9.Ke5 Kf8=)
1..Rh1 (1..Rg1 2.Bf3 Re1 3.Kd3 Re5 4.Be4 Rh5 5.h7
R:h7 6.Bd5x) 2.Bf3 R:h6 3.Kf5 c6 (3..Kh7 4.Ke6
Kg8 7.Ke7+-) 4.Bh5! (4.Kg5? Rh3 5.Bh5 Kh7! 6.Bg6
Kg8 7.Be8 Kh7! 8.Bg6 Kg8=) 4..a4 (4..R:h5 5.Kg6!
Rf5 6.K:f5 Kf7 7.Kg5 a4 8.Kh6+-) 5.Kg5 R:h5 6.Kg6
6.Kg6! (6.Kxh5? Kh7-+) 6..Rf5! (6..Rg5 7.K:g5 Kh7
8.Kf5 a3 9.Ke6 a2 10.Kf7+-) 7.K:f5 Kf7 8.Kg5 a3
9.Kh6 a2 10.Kh7 a1Q 11.g8Q K:f6 12.Qg7(h8) wins.
win   6+5
106  Banaszek, Marcin
1984  Szachy v.2003 Problemista
1. Commendation
1.f7 (1.Kc8?ef6 2.b8Q Ke7!) 1..R:f7 (1..Kd8 patt)
2.Kc8 (2.gf7 Kf8 3.Kc8 Qa2 4.b8Q Q:e6 5.Kc7
K:f7-+) 2..R:f4 (2..R:a7 3.gf7 Kf8 4.b8Q+-)
3.b8R! (3.b8Q? R:a7 4.b7 Rd4-+) Line A: 3..Rd4!
(Line B: 3..R:a7 4.b7 Rf7 (4..Rd4 patt) 5.gf7 Kf8
6.Kd7 Q:b8 patt) 4.Kb7 Q:b8 (4..Rd8 5.R:d8 K:d8
patt) 5.ab8Q (5.ab8R? Rd8 6.R:d8 K:d8-+) 5..Rd8
6.Qf4 Sg5 7.Qh4! S:e6 8.Q:e7+ (after 8.Qh8? Sf8
9.Q:f8 K:f8) 8..K:e7 patt)
5 x Stalemate
draw   10+9
107  Banaszek, Marcin
1985  Szachy

1...Rb7! A surprising sacrifice! 2.Bb5! A white
sacrifice. (2.R:b7? 0-0-0 3.Kg7 K:b7=) 2..R:b5
3.Re7! (3.Rh8? 0-0-0!) 3..Kd8 4.Kf7 Rf5 5.Ke6 Rf8
6.Rd7 Kc8 7.Rc7 Kb8 8.Rb7 Kc8 9.Rhc7 Kd8 10.Rd7
Ke8 (10..Kc8 11.Ke7 Rh8 12.Rdc7x) 11.Ra7! Rb8
12.Rdb7! Rc8 (12..R:b7 13.Ra8 Rb8 14.R:b8x)
13.Re7 Kd8 14.Rad7x
White domination on the 7th line with the same
material and mate in the end.
(2.Prize was canceled because anticipation)
win btm   4+3
108  Banaszek, Marcin
1986  Razem

1.f8Q Qe4 (1..Bf3 2.Kh2 Qh3 3.Kg1 Qh1 4.Kf2 Qg2
5.Ke3!) 2.Kg1 Q:c2 3.Sg6! (3.Sf5? B:f5 4.Qe7
Kg4!) 3..Q:g6 4.Bg3! (4.Qe7? Kh3 5.Qe3 Bf3!)
4..Kh3 (4..K:g3 5.Qf2 Kh3 6.Qh2x) 5.Qf1 K:g3
6.Qf2 Kh3 7.Qh2x
White sacrifices his three pieces and the new
white queen mates the black king.

win   5+4
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