The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation
6th Tourney 2020

Selfmates in 2-3 & 4-N moves
judge: Valery Kopyl
award: The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation 2020 november 2020
33 authors * from 15 countries * 56 compositions * 16 honoured

Section: selfmates in 2-3 moves

  1° Prize   Mikhail Khramtsevich BLR s#3 P1382518
  2° Prize   Anatoly Stepochkin RUS s#2 P1382519
  1° Hon. Mention   Zoltan Labai SVK s#3 P1382520
  2° Hon. Mention   Zoran Gavrilovski MKD s#3 P1382521
  1° Commend   Josef Burda CZE s#2 P1382522
  2° Commend   Yuri Gorbatenko RUS s#2 P1382523

Section: selfmates in 4-N moves

  1° Prize   Andrey Selivanov RUS s#5 P1382524
  2° Prize   Ivan Soroka UKR s#11 P1382525
  3° Prize   Gennady Koziura UKR s#7 P1382526
  4° Prize   Marcin Banaszek GER s#12 P1382527
  1° Hon. Mention   Peter Sickinger GER s#11 P1382528
  2° Hon. Mention   Kostas Prentos USA s#9 P1382529
  Sp. Hon. Mention   Torsten Linß GER s#13 P1382530
  Commend   Danielle Gatti ITA s#29 P1382531
  Commend   Kostas Prentos USA s#11 P1382532
  Commend   Sergey Smotrov KAZ s#24 P1382533